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The information herein is For Official Use Only (FOUO) and may be withheld from the public because disclosure would cause a foreseeable harm to the interests protected by one or more exceptions of the Freedom of Information Act, 5 USC Section 552.  Furthermore, it is requested that any entity receiving this information act accordingly, and consider this information as being FOUO.  All entities should mark, handle and store this information so as to prevent unauthorized access.  Unauthorized disclosure or misuse of this information may result in criminal and/or civil penalties.This document and all its information is protected from unauthorized disclosure by Georgia Code [50-18-72(a) (15)(A)] - specifically, sections (ii) and (iv). This law reads in part: “…(15)(A) Records, the disclosure of which would compromise security against sabotage or criminal or terrorist acts and the nondisclosure of which is necessary for the protection of life, safety, or public property, which shall be limited to the following: (i) Security plans and vulnerability assessments for any public utility, technology infrastructure, building, facility, function, or activity in effect at the time of the request for disclosure or pertaining to a plan or assessment in effect at such time; (ii) Any plan for protection against terrorist or other attacks, which plan depends for its effectiveness in whole or in part upon a lack of general public knowledge of its details; (iii) Any document relating to the existence, nature, location, or function of security devices designed to protect against terrorist or other attacks, which devices depend for their effectiveness in whole or in part upon a lack of general public knowledge; and (iv) Any plan, blueprint, or other material which if made public could compromise security against sabotage, criminal, or terroristic acts…”  © 2012 AFCEMA

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